25 07, 2023

Understanding Evolving Data Breach Reporting Obligations and Your Insurance Coverage

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Any lawyer, consultant, and insurance provider involved in the cybersecurity field should be deeply familiar with personal data breach reporting obligations. In particular, every U.S. state has enacted a data breach notification law that requires organizations to provide notice of certain types of data privacy incidents to the individuals whose personal data has been compromised. The federal government has also imposed similar obligations on businesses within certain sectors (e.g., health care, financial). These laws are based on the common understanding that the earlier an organization notifies individuals that their personal data has been compromised, the earlier the individuals can implement [...]

4 05, 2023

Commercial & Cyber Crime Risks: A Coverage Labyrinth Webinar Recap

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Commercial Crime is more than just burglary or theft of cash from a register or bank account, or equipment from an office. A business could be exposed to crime, from within because of employee dishonesty, and from outside and beyond through electronic infiltration and fraud. As businesses have evolved with more and more of their transactions and operations becoming virtual or having an increased reliance on the internet and networks to grow and expand, the exposures have evolved and shifted more towards computer-related crime and cyber-crime. Cyber and Crime losses can often be misconstrued, and it is not always simple [...]

17 04, 2023

PLUS Podcast: Demystifying NFTs Episode 3

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In Demystifying NFTs Episode 3, Alice Budge, Jennifer Stivrins and Vito Marzano welcome guest contributor, Meredith Challender, of Kissel Straton & Wilmer, to the podcast.  The group discusses the legal landscape in the U.S. surrounding NFTs and their intersection with securities and commodities regulation (or lack thereof), anti-money laundering laws and sanctions issues.  The team dives deep into the current apparent "turf war" between the SEC and CFTC and examines how this might ultimately affect NFT liability and exposure.Special thanks, as always, to Liam Thau of Kissel Straton & Wilmer for support and research for this episode.If you'd like to [...]

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