3 05, 2021

The New Administration and D&O Risks (a Podcast Series): 100 Days In

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Megan Brown joins Kevin LaCroix and Rob Yellen for their second podcast episode on the New Administration and D&O Risks. Join them for a discussion on what's going on in Washington and changes in the new Biden administration. Listen to the podcast below, or on the PLUS Connect App:   Megan Brown represents corporations in complex proceedings concerning technological innovation and regulation. She helps clients respond to agency and Congressional inquiries and develop regulatory and compliance strategies for players in the wireless, Internet and technology, transportation, health care, critical infrastructure, and government contracts sectors, including entrants into the Internet of [...]

12 10, 2020

D&O Perspectives on Coronavirus: Part 5

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Kevin LaCroix, Carl Metzger, and Rob Yellen convene for Part 5 of their discussion on D&O Perspectives on Coronavirus. These speakers continue to look at possible effects of COVID-19 from a variety of D&O perspectives. This recording is part of the ongoing PLUS series PL Perspectives on Coronavirus—past recordings are here on the PLUS Blog, and stay tuned for more discussions to be posted in the coming weeks. If you would like to hear more, Kevin LaCroix will be moderating a panel at this year's PLUS Conference with Rob Yellen, on D&O Underwriting in an Era of Surging Bankruptcies. You [...]

25 09, 2020

Cybersecurity Litigation Review

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This blog post was submitted in dialogue with the recent PLUS webinar "Cyber Risk is a D&O Risk." You can view the recording of this webinar and past free webinars on the PLUS website here. If you have blog content you'd be interested in submitting, please reach out to Katie Campbell at kcampbell@plusweb.org. John Cheffers was hired to be a Director of Research for Watchdog Research in 2019 and creates content that is featured on the company blog.  He obtained his J.D. from Ave Maria School of Law in Naples Florida in 2019, where he was a member of the [...]

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