Your Guide to Governing Derivative Claims

Greg Markel, along with his colleagues, Gina Ferarri, and Sarah Fedner have penned an incredible, comprehensive resource aimed at enriching your knowledge of governance and derivative claims – the Derivative Actions Flipbook. This guide is designed to be a valuable asset for you, your colleagues, and all stakeholders with an interest in the corporate landscape.

Navigating Shareholder Advocacy: Derivative actions, lawsuits initiated by shareholders on behalf of a harmed corporation, have grown in prominence. This makes it crucial for various stakeholders, including Directors, Officers, shareholders, insurers, employees, creditors, suppliers, and financial advisors, to gain a profound understanding of these actions. Directors and officers, given their potential involvement, should particularly be well-versed in their dynamics.

What to Anticipate: Derivative claims possess distinctive characteristics and limitations, and this guide delves into the essential principles and pertinent corporate governance facets. While rules may vary from state to state, with Delaware, New York, and California playing pivotal roles, the authors have focused on core provisions without delving into every state-specific detail.

Key Features:

  • Expertly Curated Content: The flipbook places a strong emphasis on core principles of derivative actions, aiming to deepen your understanding of best practices.
  • Quick Reference Guide: Designed for your convenience, it offers swift guidance when confronting derivative action challenges.
  • Focused Approach: Markel, Ferarri, and Fedner zeroed in on the fundamental elements of derivative actions to ensure effective navigation.

View the flipbook below.

Meet the Authors

Greg Markel, Partner
Greg Markel is a leading expert in corporate governance, derivative litigation, and securities litigation, serving as co-chair of Seyfarth’s national Securities & Fiduciary Duty Litigation team. He excels in complex securities disputes, shareholder litigation,
derivative litigation, and regulatory investigations, earning a reputation as a lead counsel cases and investigations. Additionally, Greg plays a significant role in corporate
governance as the founder and chair of the New York County Lawyers Association Corporate Governance Center. He has also been a staunch supporter of diversity in the profession and mentoring.
Gina Ferarri, Partner
Gina Ferrari excels in corporate governance with a focus on regulatory compliance, ethical standards, and fiduciary responsibilities. She is renowned for providing practical
and strategic solutions to boards, executives, and shareholders, fostering transparent and responsible corporate practices. Her expertise ensures clients remain compliant
and well-prepared in a dynamic business landscape.
Sarah Fedner, Associate
Sarah Fedner is an accomplished attorney with a wealth of expertise in corporate governance. Sarah is highly regarded for her adeptness in handling intricate securities class actions, shareholder disputes, and regulatory investigations. Sarah’s passion for
corporate governance extends beyond her role at Seyfarth. She actively participates in thought leadership initiatives and has spoken at various industry conferences, reinforcing her influence and expertise in this critical area of law.