22 10, 2013

Jeb Bush on Education

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Former Florida Governor and 2013 International Conference Speaker Jeb Bush recently sat down with ABC News “This Week”. Here is the link to the full interview.  In it he states:  “If you measure it by outcomes, 25 percent of kids pass all of the four segments of the ACT Test which means that they're college or career ready . About a third or be generous and say 20 percent don't graduate at all, that's failure. I think higher standards is really the element of this that's most important. If you dumb down the standards everybody feels good. Little Johnny can [...]

4 09, 2013

William Cohen on Syria

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The news headlines of late have been dominated by the conflict in Syria.  Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen sat down with Bloomberg Television’s ”Political Capital with Al Hunt” to share his views and outlook for U.S. military action against Syria.  Here is the video clip of the interview. Register today for the 2013 PLUS International Conference: “Uncharted Waters of Emerging Risk: Knowledge is Power” to see William Cohen and leading-edge panel discussions with thought leaders and industry experts that will debate and discuss the emerging risks of the professional liability industry. Sponsorship opportunities remain open for the 2013 PLUS International [...]

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